Carving a Chicken

There are many ways to carve a chicken and we have outlined one of the easiest ways below.


Carving a chicken

Always be very careful when carving and do not rush. Use a sharp knife and a roasting fork for carving, and always cut away from yourself.

Remove your roasted chicken from the pan, roasting dish, or oven bag, and leave your cooked chicken to cool on a large chopping board for between 5-15 minutes before carving. Make sure you place the chicken so the breasts are facing upwards on the chopping board.

First, remove the chicken legs and drums by cutting between the thigh and breast, all the way through to the board. Once you have cut off the first leg and drum, repeat on the other side. Quite often the leg and thigh will separate easily and you’ll just need to cut through the skin to separate them from the rest of the roasted chicken.

Next, remove the wings in a similar way to how you removed the legs and drums. Cut as close to the breast meat as possible to separate.

Then carve the breast meat. Carve in the same direction as the breast bone using your sharp knife and carving fork to make even chicken slices. 

There may be some meat on the underside of your chicken as well, which you can gently remove.

Once you have carved all the meat from the roasted chicken, serve your favourite veges, salads, coleslaw or gravy and enjoy!