Stuffing a Turkey

For many of us, turkey is a treat that we make over the festive season to have with family and friends.Stuffing is a delicious addition that makes the meal even more special!


  • Remove the neck and giblets from inside the turkey (if present) and save them for stock or gravy.
  • Season inside the turkey cavity generously with salt & pepper.
  • For a quick and easy option, stuff your turkey with half an onion, a bunch of herbs and a lemon.
  • Once the stuffing is made, loosely spoon the stuffing into the cavity.
  • Make sure you don’t over stuff or pack it in too tight. This allows for the distribution of heat and allows room for the stuffing to expand.
  • Roast your turkey immediately after stuffing.
  • If you want to make your stuffing ahead of time, don’t stuff it into the turkey. Keep it separate and chilled and stuff your turkey just before roasting.
  • Cook any leftover stuffing alongside the turkey in a roasting dish or roll into stuffing balls.
  • Like turkey, the stuffing inside the turkey needs to reach a safe temperature of at least 74°C before eating. If the turkey has finished cooking before the stuffing, remove the stuffing from the cavity while the turkey is resting and place in a baking dish to continue cooking in the oven.

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Video Guide on how to Cook the Perfect Roast Turkey

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