Why Free Range?

We know you care about where your food comes from and how it's produced. That's why Tegel is proud to offer so many free range chicken options.  

When you pick up a Tegel Free Range product, you know the chicken was raised with the highest standards of ethical farming practices. It feels good to have the freedom to roam from barn to outdoors with access to food, water, and protection from predators and harsh weather. And it feels good to be able to help kiwis make compassionate food choices and support sustainable farming.

As New Zealand’s largest poultry supplier, we take our responsibilities to animal welfare very seriously.  We believe free range chicken should be available in your favourite products.
So we're proud to announce that every Tegel branded product in your supermarket will bear the Tegel Free Range logo by the end of 2025.
In fact, the majority of our supermarket products have already made the change.
See for yourself the next time you’re wandering the aisles. In the frozen section check out the wide range of Tegel free-range nuggets, burgers, bites, and tenders. In the fresh section you’ll find Tegel wraps, chunks, flavoured whole chickens, and kebabs ... and in the deli section you’ll see a huge range of free-range Meal Maker and GoGo Chicken.  
You’ll even see the Tegel Free Range logo on our popular Take Outs range later this year. And by the end of next year, feel free to choose any product with the Tegel Free Range logo in the supermarket knowing you’re making a choice you can feel good about.


We’re about caring for our birds

Our Free Range farms are proudly SPCA Certified.  This guarantees independent auditing of our farms that prioritises the well-being of our chickens and supports the promotion of positive experiences.  SPCA Certified animal welfare standards raise the bar of welfare for NZ’s animals in farming spaces.  It’s a commitment to excellence that reflects our dedication to compassionate farming practices.  
SPCA Certified free range standards ensure that our chickens are raised in comfortable, enriched free range systems that allow the chickens to move around freely, perform natural behaviours such as dust bathing, perching, scratching, and foraging. Shade and shelter on the range provides opportunities for the birds to make the most of being outside.

We love food

The five domains of animal welfare


Frequently Asked Questions

Your common questions, answered.

Tegel has responded to the growing demand for ethical food choices from consumers.  We’re committed to raising animal welfare standards and offering products that align with consumer values, promoting sustainability and ethical farming practices 

When we say free range, we mean that our chickens have access to the outdoors during daylight hours. They can engage in natural behaviours like foraging and dust bathing, contributing to their overall wellbeing.

New Zealand is free from all major avian flu viruses. This means we have a world-class environment to raise our cage free and free range chickens and turkeys.

All Tegel farms are SPCA certified. This means that they are independently audited to ensure our free range systems meet the needs of our chickens, and support the promotion of positive experiences. SPCA certified animal welfare standards raise the bar of welfare for New Zealand’s animals in farming spaces.

Tegel chickens sometimes receive small amounts of "non-human" antibiotics to keep them healthy. We ensure that any poultry that receives medicine is then subject to a withdrawal period to ensure they are free from any residual medicine. Tegel only uses antibiotics that are registered under the Animal Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act and they are only ever used under veterinary supervision.

Yes, some of our crumbed, filled and marinated products will contain allergens. We recommend you read the label carefully to avoid any allergens you and your family may have.

We're making significant progress towards transitioning all Tegel branded products to Free Range. By the end of 2025, all retail packaged products will be Free Range, with fresh and frozen value-added, and chilled ranges transitioning by the end of 2024. By November this year, 90% of Tegel branded retail products will be free range.